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Personal Blog

Code2Bits is my personal blog where I write about what interests me about Software Engineering. Code2Bits is my way to share my knowledge based on my experience as an IT Architect and Software Engineer at different companies I worked for.

The main purpose of this personal blog is to organise my thoughts and learn; to have a voice and an opinion. As I am learning new concepts and techniques, I quickly become aware of the areas where I need to focus on. By writing a technical blog and articulating my thoughts, I gain a deeper understanding of the different subject matters.

Personal Life

Family plays an important part of my life. It is the most important and valuable gift that God has given us. Family means to feel secure, to have someone who you can count on, whom you can share your problems with, to have respect for each other and responsibility.

The above photo of me and my son was taken by my wife while we were on an island in the Indian Ocean. While we watched the sun set together, a group of friends were also looking at the sun setting while playing a song called "Fix You" by Coldplay. The lyrics "Lights will guide you home" made an impact on me while watching the sun with my son.

Professional Career

My aim as a Software Architect is to design and develop reliable software applications that makes the life of customers easier. It is through quality engineering that I maximises the company’s strengths and minimise risks and threats. I am responsible for handling complex design matters and helps development teams to choose tools, platforms, and coding standards. Furthermore I solve technical problems, collaborates with management, interacts with stakeholders, and ensures projects are completed on time. My years of experience as an IT Architect in various companies have equipped me with the right skills and knowledge.

I am very adaptable, being able to acquire and use new skills rapidly and effectively. I am comfortable with pressure and changing business requirements through good planning and organising skills. I have good team leadership skills and assist fellow employees where ever possible. I have the ability to structure the environment I work in through excellent decision making skills, creative and innovative thinking, and making sound judgements.

Major Awards

Standard Bank Group IT: Mark of Excellence Award 2018

The annual Mark of Excellence Awards is a prestigious celebration of both individuals and teams who have helped Group IT move Standard Bank forward. I received the Mark of Excellence Award for my work on the creation and implementation of the Group Omni-Channel Platform. I was recognised for the way I brought together senior stakeholders across different business units to support a common goal to provide customers a consistent experience.